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 . . finally receives what she has been hoping for in the nearly two years she has been living in Los Angeles. However, due to a robbery at the Palmer residence, Sherry is shot in the shoulder. Additionally, after Jack contacts Scott Palmer to exchange the virus, Scott manages to escape and transmit the virus before dying. While Jack is at the hospital and trying to convince Sherry to stay and trust him, he ends up inadvertently blowing his cover, leading to the destruction of the entire virus operation, and the death of anyone exposed to it. Jack is arrested for this, and during questioning, Sherry discovers that Jack is infected with the virus. Before she can turn on him, Jack kills her and starts a brutal, bloody fight to the death with Special Agent William Buchanan (Oliver Macguire), and eventually Deputy Director of Operations Aaron Pierce (Peter MacNicol) and the US President's Chief of Staff, Lewis Langdon (James Brolin) are forced to help Jack escape. After Jack's escape and the virus's exposure, Langdon is quickly fired from his job at the White House and is sent on the run from the FBI. Soon after, his parents, both ex-Presidents, also become infected with the virus. After a car crash, his parents die, and Langdon is arrested and sentenced to death. Having murdered and taken control of one of the prison guards, Jack suddenly uses the guard's gun to shoot himself in the heart. Fearing the virus will soon spread to them, Langdon shoots Langdon in the head, knowing that the virus is in Langdon's brain, but it is too late. Cast Benjamin Bratt as Jack Bauer Dennis Haysbert as Jack Bauer (voice) Anna Chlumsky as Sherry Palmer Oliver Macguire as William Buchanan Peter MacNicol as Aaron Pierce James Brolin as Lewis Langdon Mariana Klaveno as Eleanor Gaines Michael Fairman as David Palmer Amanda Bynes as Nadine Simmons Tobin Bell as Franklin Murchison Sean O'Brien as Curtis Manning Chris Mulkey as Mark Lassiter William Forsythe as David Palmer Michael Grant as Russell Jackson John E. Jackson as Jack Bauer (young) Billy Oliver as Bailiff Jimmy McMullen as Bob Morello Eric Ladin as FBI Agent Zeller Mary Mara as Janis Gold Production Budget Initially




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24 Season 2 Download Utorrent

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